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What does this program do?

ProfileTool simplifies some common Windows desktop administration tasks that Windows doesn't let you do itself. For example, you can copy a profile in the User Profiles capplet, but you can't take one and assign it to a new user. You need to rename/move the profile in Documents and Settings, and also set the registry permissions inside NTUSER.DAT. This program does all that for you, and more.

Using ProfileTool

Right click a profile in the list. You can perform various actions on it:
  • change the owner
  • delete it (from the registry, or from the disk, or both)
  • change from roaming/local (if it is a roaming profile)

Recompile in debug mode for some debugging options.

Why was this written?

Many reasons:
  • We had an AD server die on a newly inherited site once. We were somewhat expecting this, and had planned to migrate the directory to a new server. However, Murphy's Law kicked in, and the non-backed-up server died the day before we had planned to migrate it. For getting it back online quickly, it was easier to create a new directory, which had new SIDs for each user. We then needed to rejoin all the new clients and allow them to use their own profiles.
  • We often have local user to domain user migrations, where it's useful to be able to do this all automatically.

Are there other ways you can achieve this?

Yes. Some I know of include using the Active Directory Migration Tool, which I encourage you to use if you can; Microsoft's Domain Rename guide also suggests a good alternative using the ProfileGuid keys in the registry. However, having another tool in your arsenal is handy, and this "scratches my exact itch".

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