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Why is this program written for .NET 1.1?

.NET 2.0 has classes for registry manipulation, SID translation and setting NTFS permissions, all things that are done with P/Invokes in ProfileTool.

ProfileTool was written for new customers of IT Partners, and unfortunately not all companies were as meticulous as we were about ensuring desktops were kept up to date with patches!

I made the decision not to require .NET 2.0 so we would not have to wait for the framework to install on each machine. After the migration to a new domain we would have a WSUS setup deal with updating the machines.

The code will probably compile and run under .NET 2.0 without modification. In case it does not, porting will be trivial. Possible enhancements would include removing all of the ACL code and using the System.Security.AccessControl namespace.

The NSIS installer

  1. Default security policy in the CLR prevents .NET code from being run off the network, so ProfileTool is best used from each local machine. I have packaged it as a NSIS installer which installs it onto the local disk.
  2. NSIS is cool.

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